The Eastern Conference and Border Protection Fair GRANICE received a very positive feedback form producers, state services, experts and the media involved in the project. It was the first event of this kind devoted to border protection, organised in the city near the borderline of the Republic of Poland and the external borderline of the EU. The location of Lublin and the region in general, the range of the border infrastructure as well as the intensity of the state service activities in the key direction (Eastern border) predestine our city to organise the next edition of the event – BORDERS 2018 – which will take place in Targi Lublin S.A., 24 – 25 October, 2018.

The main theme of this year’s edition were issues concerning state-of-the-art technology as well as an overview of actions of various services operating at the borders, with an emphasising on the role of Border Guard. We would like to cordially thank the Commander of the Border Guard Marek Łapiński, whose engagement allowed us to carry out the fair in the way it was done. Moreover, we want to express that we really appreciate the extent to which the National Revenue Administration, headed by minister Marian Banaś, contributed to the event, especially by enhancing the prominence of the subject of the conference.

Border-related issues cover plenty of topics for discussion and analysis. The events related to border protection (also at the international level) are very dynamic and are provide a constant source of challenges. Thus, finding topics for interesting and relevant presentations during GRANICE 2018 will certainly not pose any problems. The second edition of the event will not only focus on an update of issues such as technique, logistics and modern technologies, but also will it concern international exchange of experiences in the field of border protection.

Thus, we are pleased to invite you – producers, state border services, cross-border exchange organisations, experts and the media – to come to Lublin and join BORDERS 2018.

Logistics and supply

Equipment for border services

Modern border protection technologies

Customs and sanitary protection of the borders of the Republic of Poland

International cooperation in the protection of EU borders

Modernization programme of uniformed services

History of the Polish border formations



Universities and academic institutions (political, security, IT, logistics and aviation faculties); uniformed services schools; institutes and organizations related to borders, cross-border traffic, border exchanges; media dealing with the supply and technology of uniformed services


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